Saturday, February 20, 2010

Notes from Meeting Feb 18th

Kate Brandt
Anna Helgeson
Leah Schriber
Matt Luther
Joey Webber
Robin McGuire
Mairin Hartt
Sarah Holden
Greg Martens
Richard Mutz
Rob Meincke

Not present but dues paid and still included in catalog:

Nirmal Raja
Brandon Bauer
Kristin Haas
Andrea Avery
Ashley Morgan

We now have a total of 16 Members who will be included in the Catalog.

  • EachArtist will have 2 full pages (front and back-total of 4 full surfaces)
  • Images - Full resolution, upwards of 4 - 6 images, depending on how they are oriented on the page and how large you would like them to be. Since the catalog committee will be designing the catalog, you should give a nice selection of images you would like to have included and number them in order of importance (which ones do you REALLY want included, and which ones are only there in case we need more?)
  • Text - Please include an artist statement of no more than 250 words with the images of your work. Remember this is how people will understand the WHY behind your work. This can be specific to the work presented or an overview of why you make
  • PHOTOBOOTH Image- We decided we would also like a yearbook-esque directory of all of us in the back of the catalog with our contact info and website info. We decided the way we would like to execute this is to get everyone to get a set of photobooth images (usually you get 4)--pick the best one of the 4, and we will scan it and include it in the back. It would be best if we all got them from the same place. Pizza Shuttle on the East Side has a photobooth and it costs $2 for each set of 4 (or you might actually get 5) images. Please either go to Pizza Shuttle and get a set of photobooth images (preferred) or something similar so we can include your headshot in the directory as well as your work images. Please turn in your favorite photobooth image with the CD of work images and artist statement.
  • Please put full resolution images and a word document with your artist statement on a CD and place it in MATT LUTHER'S mailbox in ART 251.
  • March 18th - Everything due. CD with all images and text and photobooth image due to Matt.
  • PIZZA SHUTTLE PARTY!!! - On March 18th our next GAS meeting will be at Pizza Shuttle in the East Side at 7:15pm. You can turn in your CD with images and text to Matt then, (or before) and we will take our photobooth shots then. Please come if you like! If not, please gather all your info and turn into Matt before so we can start designing that first weekend of Spring Break.
  • We will meet the Thursday after Spring Break (April 1st) to see the proof of the catalog and make any necessary changes before we send to print. Don't worry, I will send an email out to all you busy bees once the time gets closer!
  • ASAP - There is an email that will be going out to everyone included in the catalog to schedule a studio visit with Neil Gasparka, who will be writing an introductory essay for us. Please get your meeting scheduled ASAP!!
Whew.. That was a lot. Okay ladies and Gents...Lets get on it!


  1. Great Job on keeping up the blog, Sarah. So helpful! Thanks.

  2. I would like to join the Sarah Holden fan club