Thursday, December 10, 2009

Notes from Meeting 9/10/09

Gas Meeting 9/10/09

Thank you to all who attended the meeting. It is very nice to see some new faces.


In the meeting we went over our student org renewal application and new officers were chosen! The new officers of GAS are:

Sarah---food officer

Joey---Science Officer



I think we all need badges….

Thank you for signing up and we are excited to see what the organization gets done this year.


We all decided that a group GAS show was a good idea and we’ve got an idea of a few people who can work on the proposal, and go to the training session to make sure we have everything said correctly. We set a goal of working on the proposal before our next meeting so all the GAS members can take a look at it before we go to the training, as well as make sure to compile a list of any questions we have to ask the new Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman, Anthony DeWees.

Here are a few important dates to remember:

Monday September 28th, 2009-6:00pm Union Fireside Lounge

The Large Grant Training Session will be held by the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman and we will get an opportunity to present our proposal and ask questions about if we could get funded along with why and why nots.

Friday October 30, 2009

Large Grant Proposals are due by 5:00pm in the SAC Office (Union 351).

November 13-14th Union Fireside Lounge

This is when (and where) the Large Grants will be heard by the Senate Apprpriations Committee. The sooner we turn these in, the better our time will be, so best to turn in our proposal asap, so we don’t have to be there at 8:00 on a Saturday night.


Any Event, Travel, Technology or Operations Grant Request for under $700 can be submitted at any time and will be heard the first Wednesday of each month in the SA Office (EG79).


Leah talked about professional MARN workshops being offered, and how they might be similar to the ones she is organizing through the school, but still very helpful.

Kristin attended the MARN information session about the upcoming professional practice classes and had a schedule of the dates of the classes along with cost of entrance, which she said she would scan and put up on the blog.


CAA will be held in Chicago this year. We have a couple of opportunities to get money to go. We can apply for funding through the department, through CAA (although the deadline is quickly approaching) or through the University (but we have a 4 person limit) if you are interested in getting funded to go, let one of us know or attend the next meeting so we can chat about it.

That’s it for now…


See you there!

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